Inside the £400,000,000 Mansion in the Arab kingdom where Ronaldo and Family Enjoy the Royal Life

In order to begin his journey to Saudi Arabia in style, Cristiano Ronaldo has reserved a suite at the luxurious Kingdom Tower, one of the country’s tallest and most imposing structures. According to insiders, the former Manchester United attacker may have built up a bill of £250,000 when he relocates his family to a permanent residence in the Middle East.


After his contract with Manchester United expired in November, Ronaldo quit playing in Europe and signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al-Nassr.

The famous Portuguese man is rumored to be worth more than £400 mιllιon, but he had no second thoughts when it came to purchasing his first home.

According to the Mail, Ronaldo is staying at the 99-story Kingdom Tower, which offers the greatest views of Riyadh.

The “Kingdom suite,” which the hotel claims as “entertain guests with unmatched views of Riyadh,” is where he, his fiance Georgina Rodriguez, and their five 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren reside. Our newest two-story suite, which also has a private office, dining room, and media room, is located on the 48th and 50th floors of the hotel.

The “Royal Suite” and Ronaldo’s suite must be reserved in advance and are not mentioned on the Kingdom Tower website. They are smaller, but still bigger than most apartments in the UK at 2,595 square feet.

A rough estimate of how much he is spending while he is there is provided by the “Presidential Suite,” which has a nightly rate of £3,300.

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