Luis Daz’s Inked Canvas: Uncovering the Untold Stories Behind the Liverpool Star’s Tattoos

Upon his arrival at Liverpool FC’s preseason, Luis Díaz was a transformed man. His vacation in Colombia resulted in a stunning tattoo, and ever since then, people have been raving about it, marveling at the artistic expression it represents.

A man named Elkin Torres, who was from Cartagena, was entrusted with the task of tattooing Luis Fernando Díaz’s left arm. The artist has already collaborated with other footballers, such as Roger Martínez; the Liverpool guajiro heard about his good pulse and talent.

I initially met Roger Díaz, who is his brother. While I was in Belgium, Roger gave me a call to let me know that Luis was thinking about getting a tattoo. Elkin, 22, said in an interview with the Cartagena newspaper ‘El Universal’ that they had been chatting for some time.

“My brother wrote to me days before Liverpool played in the Champions League final,” Elkin said, emphasizing that Luis Díaz had a frustrated tattoo. The plan was to get the trophy tattooed if they were victorious; however, after losing, Luis opted to get a new tattoo.

On his left side, I sculpted a clock, a lion, and the face of Jesus Christ. About eleven hours were required. In addition to the larger tattoos of his parents’ names, I also gave him a tiny tattoo of his daughter Roma’s name. As soon as they arrived, I completed the task in Barranquilla,” stated the tattoo artist Díaz.

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