TOP GUN 3 Teaser (2024) With Tom Cruise & Monica Barbaro

Top Gun 3 may finally be happening, and here are 10 things we need to see in the Tom Cruise sequel after Top Gun: Maverick‘s $1.5 billion success. Top Gun: Maverick was a massive box office success, making it no surprise that the studio was quick to get to work on a third film. While the prospect of another Top Gun movie is exciting, the franchise does need to shake things up a bit before delving into Pete “Maverick” Mithcell’s next big adventure. So, here are 10 things that we need to see in Top Gun 3, including new and returning characters, storylines, and more.

Top Gun 3 is reportedly in development, with many fans of the first two films excitedly awaiting the third installment in the beloved action series. Tom Cruise, Glen Powell, and Miles Teller are all set to return as their respective characters who were last seen in Top Gun: Maverick, with the third installment in the trilogy presumably further expanding on their characters. Top Gun 3 has a lot of potential to make the world of Top Gun even bigger, and while very few details regarding the third film’s story have been revealed, there is all kinds of speculation to be made regarding what the exciting movie will contain.


10 Reasons Top Gun 3 Is A Bad Idea (Despite Maverick’s Huge Success)

Top Gun 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but making the film would be a bad idea, even though the success of Top Gun: Maverick suggests it would work.

10An Entirely New Story For Maverick

Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is the main character of the Top Gun franchise, and while the character’s return is exciting, Top Gun 3 needs to give him an entirely new story. Both Top Gun films so far have focused on Cruise’s time working through the TOPGUN program – as a student in the original and as a mentor in the sequel. He then goes on an incredibly dangerous mission against faceless foes, overcoming hardships with the other pilots and succeeding at the last minute. While these stories are fantastic, it’s already been done twice, meaning that Top Gun 3 needs to shake up Maverick’s formula.

9More Returning Characters From The Original Top Gun

Kelly McGillis as Charlie in Top Gun riding in a car

While Top Gun: Maverick was a fantastic film, only a few characters returned from the original movie, something that Top Gun 3 should fix. Maverick, Penny, Iceman, and Carole are the only Top Gun characters who returned in Top Gun: Maverick, leaving a massive pool of pilots that can be pulled from for the third film. Characters like Charlie, Jester, Wolfman, and more haven’t been heard from since the original film, and it would be nice to continue their stories in the third movie.

8Top Gun 3 Should Flesh Out Top Gun: Maverick’s New Pilots

Miles Teller as Rooster and Tom Cruise as Maverick hiding behind a snowbank in Top Gun 2

Top Gun: Maverick introduced a ton of new characters to the franchise, and Top Gun 3 needs to flesh out these new pilots. It has already been confirmed that Rooster and Hangman will return, meaning that these two sequel characters can get some more development. However, smaller characters like Phoenix, Bob, and Payback can also get more fleshed out, with the third film delving into their stories in a way that Top Gun: Maverick didn’t.

7A New Batch Of Original Fighter Pilots

Top Gun Maverick photo of Pete and Rooster laughing and embracing

While having returning characters is a great way to pay homage to the original film, Top Gun 3 also needs to introduce a new batch of original fighter pilots. The TOPGUN program is designed for young and inexperienced pilots, with Maverick training many of them in Top Gun: Maverick. If Top Gun 3 only focuses on the TOPGUN graduates from the second film, the movie will be missing a core component of the franchise, meaning that new characters need to be introduced.

6Top Gun 3 Needs An Actual Villain

Both Top Gun films have some fantastic conflicts, but neither of the films have an actual villain. While Iceman and Hangman are antagonistic at points, their conflicts are resolved even before the climax of their respective films, with the true villains being faceless soldiers from unspecified foreign countries. It would be nice for Top Gun 3 to introduce an actual villain who remains antagonistic throughout, whether that be a member of the TOPGUN program, the leader of a foreign country, or any of the other possibilities.

5Maverick Needs To Remain In A Relationship With Penny

Jennifer Connelly as Penny Benjamin talking to Maverick at the bar in Top Gun Maverick

Much of the focus of Top Gun: Maverick had to do with Maverick starting a relationship with Penny. While this was a great storyline, it mostly ignored Maverick’s relationship with Charlie from the original Top Gun. Because of this, many are worried that Top Gun 3 will give Penny the same treatment, ignoring her in favor of a new love interest. This wouldn’t be surprising, considering Tom Cruise’s romantic track record in franchises like Mission: Impossible. However, this would be a bad idea, with Maverick and Penny’s relationship being necessary to the success of the third film.

4Top Gun 3 Needs A New Beach Sports Scene

Tom Cruise plays volleyball in Top Gun

One of the most iconic scenes from the original Top Gun is the beach volleyball scene, with it getting joked about to this day. Top Gun: Maverick featured a similar scene, with the film’s characters this time playing a game of football on the beach. In order to continue this trend, Top Gun 3 will have to feature a scene focusing on a new sport on the beach, and there are plenty of options.

3Top Gun 3 Should Be About Maverick’s Battle Against Remote Aviation

The Darkstar plane flying over the desert in Top Gun: Maverick

One of the most interesting storylines set up in Top Gun: Maverick is Maverick’s battle against remote aviation, something that should be expanded on in Top Gun 3. Early in the sequel, Maverick learns about how drones and remotely piloted aircraft are putting pilots like himself out of a job. While this wasn’t the main plot of Top Gun: Maverick, a story about him struggling with the technological advancements would be a fantastic change of pace for Top Gun 3.


Top Gun 3: Confirmation, Cast & Everything We Know About The Maverick Sequel

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2Even More New Jets Should Appear In Top Gun 3

The Darkstar plane moving onto the runway in Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick shows off some new fighter jets, with the scenes of these aircrafts flying being some of the best in the film. Top Gun 3 should double down on this by introducing even more fighter jets, showing off their various strengths and capabilities. The third film can show off jets that were left out of the previous movie as well as new aircrafts that have been developed since Top Gun: Maverick was filmed.

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