Rick’s Brother In Daryl Dixon Season 3 Would Create A Walking Dead Plot Hole


  • Daryl Dixon season 3 filming in Spain hints at introducing Rick’s brother, setting up potential new conflicts and interactions in the spinoff.
  • Jeffrey Grimes’ tragic tale from The Alien comic could be remixed, used to create unique dynamics between him, Daryl, and Carol.
  • Introducing Jeffrey in season 3 could create a plot hole in The Walking Dead series due to Rick never mentioning him.

Daryl Dixon Season 3’s Location Sets Up Rick Grimes’ Brother In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 3 is getting a new filming location, something that could be setting the stage for introducing Rick Grimes’ brother to the TV show universe. Although Daryl Dixon season 2 hasn’t been released yet, production of season 3 is already gearing up in Europe. While it’s currently unclear what this means for the story, Daryl Dixon season 1 ended with the titular hero deciding to stay in France despite having an opportunity to go home. At the same time, Carol is searching for him, something that will lead her overseas in season 2.

When the series returns on September 29, 2024, it’s expected to focus on Daryl continuing to fight the Pouvoir in France, while Carol attempts to locate him after he was supposed to return the Alexandria months ago. This sets the stage for a ripe conflict in the forthcoming episodes, as the cast of Daryl Dixon wrestles with threats to their lives and the potential for a better future. While it’s unclear how things will shape up in season 2, one crucial piece of information about season 3’s production could hint at where the show’s future will go.

Daryl Dixon Season 3 Will Film In Spain

Seasons 1 & 2 Were Filmed In France

Speaking with American Rider about his new movie The BikeridersNorman Reedus revealed that Daryl Dixon season 3 is filming in Spain. So far, the first two seasons of the show have taken place in France, with both entries being filmed in the country they are meant to represent. Because of this change in filming location, it implies season 3 is going to take place within the Iberian Peninsula. This means season 2 might set the stage for the show moving locations, marking a big change for the spinoff moving forward.

France has many threats, including the Pouvoir‘s super-strong zombie variants, as well as Walkers with acidic blood. Couple this with the Pouvoir themselves, and it appears the country has plenty of factors that might drive the show’s heroes to Spain. However, as of writing, it’s unclear why this change is happening, only that it will be something to expect in season 3. But, by changing the core location of the show, Daryl Dixon sets the stage for a comic character to make their live-action debut: Rick Grimes’ brother, Jeffrey.

Rick Grimes’ Brother In The Walking Dead Explained

Jeffrey Stars In His Own Walking Dead Spinoff Comic

Rick’s brother was first introduced in The Walking Dead spinoff comic subtitled The Alien, traveling across Spain at the time the zombie apocalypse begins. In the comic, Jeffrey is shown to be younger and less capable of adjusting to the apocalypse than his older brother. His story takes place during the first days of the apocalypse, trying to find a way back to the United States after hearing about Rick being in a coma. This leads him to team up with a survivor named Claudia, who decides to brave this new world alongside him.

However, their companionship doesn’t last long, as Jeffrey is soon bitten by a zombie. While he makes Claudia promise to find Rick, he dies before he can say where his older brother is, giving his story a tragic end. Jeffrey is mentioned by Rick in the comic series, with him not sure of his fate and simply hoping that he’s okay somewhere. While Daryl Dixon season 2’s setup indicates Jeffrey won’t be featured in the upcoming episodes, him being in Spain in the comic series sets the stage for a remixed version of the character in season 3.

If Jeffrey retains his personality from The Alien , he could also work as a good foil for Daryl, who might expect him to be a hardened survivor like his brother.

Why Jeffrey Grimes Would Be Perfect For Daryl Dixon Season 3

His Appearance Could Be A Motivator To Go Home

If Jeffrey Grimes were introduced in season 3, his connection to Rick would likely give him a strong relationship with Daryl and Carol right away. Since it’s likely Carol knows Rick came back in The Ones Who Live, it could also be a potential motivator for him urging the group to go home, wanting to reunite with his brother. Even though Daryl has grown connected to people like Isabelle and Laurent, Jeffrey’s motivations could be enough to make him alright with trying to find a way back to Virginia.

If Jeffrey retains his personality from The Alien, he could also work as a foil for Daryl, who might expect him to be a hardened survivor like his brother. This would give him an interesting contrast with the show’s protagonist, bolstered if he’s insistent on leaving for America. Their story of survival would be unique because of how they clash, especially if Daryl is torn about what he wants to do. However, even though Jeffrey would be an interesting character to introduce to the franchise, there is one obstacle Daryl Dixon would need to overcome by introducing him.

Rick’s Brother In Daryl Dixon Season 3 Would Create A Walking Dead Plot Hole

Rick’s Never Talked About Jeffrey Before

Custom Image by Anna Ernesto

While Jeffrey’s appearance in the spinoff makes sense given season 3’s location, it also creates a major plot hole with The Walking Dead overall. This is because, throughout his time on the show, Rick never mentioned having a brother. If Jeffrey does appear later on, it might feel jarring because he’s never been mentioned before. While Daryl Dixon season 2’s ending could reference Rick having a brother to make everything fit, it might end up being too awkward to properly introduce him to the franchise.

However, the show could instead remix the relationship between Rick and Jeffrey, adding something that explains why the seasoned survivor never mentioned his brother on the main show. It’s possible the pair are estranged, with Jeffrey being in Spain because he doesn’t have a close relationship with the Grimes family. This could justify why he wasn’t mentioned in the main show, also clarifying how the zombie outbreak has made him decide he wants to return home. Whatever the case may be, the show will need to address why Rick would never mention his brother despite their global separation post-apocalypse.

Since Daryl Dixon season 3 will be filming in Spain, introducing Rick’s brother could be an interesting way to shake up character dynamics and offer a new conflict for those episodes. By introducing Jeffrey, Daryl might feel obligated to find his way back home, helping his friend’s sibling to reunite with someone he hasn’t seen in over a decade. While it’s still unclear what will even happen during season 2 of the spinoff, another Grimes family member showing up could make season 3 interesting for everyone involved.

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